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Cost of Living Crisis and Role of Improving Trade Flows

Many of us are living through the ‘cost of living’ crisis. This term refers to the fall in ‘real’ disposable income, adjusted for inflation and after taxes and benefits. Simply put, it means less money available for people to spend or save.  What are the causes of this situation and how does it impact companies […]

How to Manage Cultural Differences When Exporting to Other Countries

The world has indeed turned into a global market. This change has affected all aspects of life and opened up limitless business opportunities. Yet, globalisation and international, trans-border trade also bring numerous challenges arising from different languages and cultures. What Is Culture In the Context of International Trade?  Culture is a complex phenomenon, functioning on […]

European Energy Trade – Energy Crisis

We are witnessing unprecedented times in which we are exposed to astronomical energy prices and market volatility. According to the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world is in the middle of “the first truly global energy crisis”.  A perfect storm of events and circumstances has led us here. In this post we […]

Economics in Tech Companies

Have you heard that companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft Airbnb, and Uber have all hired many Ph.D. economists? Economists have worked for decades on the design of markets and incentives, and today this work thanks to the internet, has got new applications in the digital economy! Let’s see the five main areas where economists can support […]

How can an empirical economists use machine learning

How can an empirical economists use machine learning

As empirical economists, how can we get the maximum from machines? We know that they do the work. Facebook offers ads, articles according to your interests, Siri understands voices, and Google translates everything. Doing these ‘intelligent” things is statistical and computational. Tackling empirically the tasks made it all possible. Let’s see how we can use […]

AI: Innovation or Just Our Future – How Automated Decision-Making Took Over the UK-EU Market

How Automated Decision-Making Took Over the UK-EU Market

Artificial intelligence (AI) has progressed rapidly and is no longer just a concept from a sci-fi movie. It’s already transforming many industries, from driverless cars to voice automation in homes.  The future is arriving faster than we could have predicted. AI makes us rethink how we integrate information, analyse data, and use those insights to improve […]

Brexit: Pharmaceutical Products and Import/Export

Brexit: Pharmaceutical Products and Import/Export

Brexit has affected all sectors of the economy, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. This industry in the UK provides tens of thousands of jobs and billions in tax revenue and research investment.  If you own a business related to importing and exporting pharmaceutical products, you need to be up to date on the […]

Impact of the EU-UK future trade relationship on the European pharmaceutical industry

EU-UK future trade

The Brexit earthquake has triggered tectonic rifts in many industries in Europe, including the pharmaceutical sector.  The aftermath is yet to be seen, but the rubble will take years to clear. A post-Brexit, mid-pandemic world is a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. This text will tackle the critical implications of the new reality.   EU-UK Trade […]

Use of Machine Learning in Economic Research

Does your company feel the need to be more organised and productive? Do you wonder how you could implement and use information technology in business? Then article is for you – it will discuss some relevant IT topics and even share with you how to stay focused.  Today, we use information technology regularly in our […]

Adapting to Brexit in the pharma industry

The pharmaceutical sector is the third-largest industry in the UK. This sector adds £13.8 billion to the British economy per year (gross value added) on average. Pharmaceutical companies today try to figure out how to unravel decades of EU integration. Brexit will cause waves in procedures from now on. This may give additional costs for […]