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Cost of Living Crisis and Role of Improving Trade Flows

Many of us are living through the ‘cost of living’ crisis. This term refers to the fall in ‘real’ disposable income, adjusted for inflation and after taxes and benefits. Simply put, it means less money available for people to spend or save.  What are the causes of this situation and how does it impact companies […]

How to Manage Cultural Differences When Exporting to Other Countries

The world has indeed turned into a global market. This change has affected all aspects of life and opened up limitless business opportunities. Yet, globalisation and international, trans-border trade also bring numerous challenges arising from different languages and cultures. What Is Culture In the Context of International Trade?  Culture is a complex phenomenon, functioning on […]

Economics in Tech Companies

Have you heard that companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft Airbnb, and Uber have all hired many Ph.D. economists? Economists have worked for decades on the design of markets and incentives, and today this work thanks to the internet, has got new applications in the digital economy! Let’s see the five main areas where economists can support […]