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How can an empirical economists use machine learning

How can an empirical economists use machine learning

As empirical economists, how can we get the maximum from machines? We know that they do the work. Facebook offers ads, articles according to your interests, Siri understands voices, and Google translates everything. Doing these ‘intelligent” things is statistical and computational. Tackling empirically the tasks made it all possible. Let’s see how we can use […]

Use of Machine Learning in Economic Research

Does your company feel the need to be more organised and productive? Do you wonder how you could implement and use information technology in business? Then article is for you – it will discuss some relevant IT topics and even share with you how to stay focused.  Today, we use information technology regularly in our […]

Why a leading economist is embracing machine learning

Have you heard about the new ways to reduce costs and increase profit? Machine learning in economics highlights these patterns. According to recent research, this can increase productivity by 14.3% by 2030. It is a stimulant for productivity growth. Shortly, many current jobs and tasks will be performed totally by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms or […]

Minimising Exportation Risks

ITnnov is a company that provides export opportunities to the UK for SMEs in the CEE region. Besides importation procedures and logistics, this company now also offers A.I. market research, digital marketing and assistance with entering UK wholesale chains The UK’s major market players will reestablish themselves, but there is a window of opportunity for […]