Companies from the CEE region have already partnered with us
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An All-in-One Solution for entering the UK market

ITnnov is an innovative company for market entry and export marketing operations. We assist the CEE brands in market research, logistics, brand positioning and wholesale in the UK market. We offer our support to CEE companies in their quest to expand, develop and grow in the UK market, through 5 operational phases.

A.I. Marketresearch


Our in-house A.I. scans the UK market to find your niche, based on set parameters. The report includes competitor analysis, product features and comparisons, and market potential. It minimizes the investment risks, spent resources, and maximizes the decision-making process.

Transport and administration


Our transport network ensures that the batch of products arrives safely and fast to the UK, with no hidden costs. We ensure the standard compliance and documentation necessary for entering the UK market is taken care of.

Storage and dispatch


Our storage facility will fulfill all the necessary requirements specific to your products, based on the instructions. The semi-automated dispatch system provides fast and quick delivery in a few days, covering the whole of the UK.



Traditional and digital marketing venues ensure optimal promotion of your products, both online and on-site. We use the newest trends in SEO and social media management to raise brand awareness quickly and move to the next stages of marketing.

Wholesale network


Our sales team is connected to a vast wholesale network in various industries. Following the previous steps, they finalize market entry operations by contacting prospective wholesalers and ensuring distribution of your products.

CEE brands already granted us their trust

CEE companies have already partnered up with ITnnov to enter the UK market. We work with many industries and have already successfully positioned some of the toughest products for export, like the ones from the pharmaceutical industry, dietary supplements, and food industry. They are already being recognised in the UK, and their products placed on shelves of various wholesale chains.



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We know that export and expansion are challenging, and you want a secure investment. The main obstacles in export efforts are administration and more importantly, positioning and creating a brand that is appealing to wholesale networks. This is especially challenging if you are not personally present in the market.

We work with many different industries, and have already done it for some of the more challenging industries for export, like the pharmaceutical industry, dietary supplements, and food industry.

Once all the phases are completed, you will have a set system from which you can continue your operations and growth in the UK market.

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